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Skavabölen pojat – A Tramedy (tragic comedy)!

Aihe: Skavabölen pojat - Kirjoittaja: Alina Imran - 06.03.2019

Skavabölen pojat – A Tramedy (tragic comedy)!

Currently showing,  Skavabölen pojat (The Boys of Skavaböle) delivers an emotionally powerful punch. The plot much like the original, gives the audience a chance to shed tears in both joy and sorrow.

Rupert and Evert’s attention grabbing presence throughout the performance makes the audience connect with them from the very beginning and experience their journey. A bond not just bound by a blood oath but something more, is the kind of brotherhood that is constant throughout, while we experience a rollercoaster ride of betrayal, family feuds and misfortune.

The production throughout feels like an illusion of tragedy, but to the audience’s surprise, shots of dark humour are injected at pivotal scenes to bring down the tragic-factor. Although, the setting is in simpler times, the 70s and 80s, juxtaposed to the not so simple trials and tribulations of a household, we rediscover brotherhood that stands the test of time, or does it?

Alina Imran


Expression is louder than words!

Aihe: Skavabälen pojat - Kirjoittaja: Alina Imran - 27.02.2019

Expression is louder than words!
Let us first take a moment to appreciate the very noble Google Translate, that has played a
pivotal part in ‘Survival in Jyväskylä as a Foreigner 101’! We could sit here and dwell upon the
inconveniences that present themselves in the form of language or we can simply appreciate
the bliss of living in a culturally rich backdrop, that is yet to be influenced by external pressure.
One such cultural platform is the local theater scene in the city, with which I have encountered
a chance to further the belief that Art speaks a universal language!
With just a few days remaining till the premiere of the next production, Skavabölen pojat (The
boys of Skavaböle), the ambience within the Jyväskylän Huoneteatteri (The Theater Room)
exhibits a sense of calm, on a Thursday afternoon. With its rustic and somber interior, hidden
underneath one of the busiest localities in the city, the location adds to the theater’s ‘cult-like’
appeal. With absolutely zero background in Finnish Theater, I am welcomed by a familiar
language of the Art world; passion.
The new production, premiering on the 2 nd of March, is said to be a tragic comedy, directed by
Matti Tolvanen, which revolves around a brotherhood that experiences its fair share of turmoil
and growth. Without giving away much details of the plot, I am invited to experience the
performance first-hand, without subtitles of course! Lucky for me that language isn’t the only
mode of communication when it comes to theater, as I am eager to dive into the world of
performing arts and witness expression as a language!
Alina Imran