Skavabölen pojat – A Tramedy (tragic comedy)!

Aihe: Skavabölen pojat - Kirjoittaja: Alina Imran - 06.03.2019

Skavabölen pojat – A Tramedy (tragic comedy)!

Currently showing,  Skavabölen pojat (The Boys of Skavaböle) delivers an emotionally powerful punch. The plot much like the original, gives the audience a chance to shed tears in both joy and sorrow.

Rupert and Evert’s attention grabbing presence throughout the performance makes the audience connect with them from the very beginning and experience their journey. A bond not just bound by a blood oath but something more, is the kind of brotherhood that is constant throughout, while we experience a rollercoaster ride of betrayal, family feuds and misfortune.

The production throughout feels like an illusion of tragedy, but to the audience’s surprise, shots of dark humour are injected at pivotal scenes to bring down the tragic-factor. Although, the setting is in simpler times, the 70s and 80s, juxtaposed to the not so simple trials and tribulations of a household, we rediscover brotherhood that stands the test of time, or does it?

Alina Imran