Expression is louder than words!

Aihe: Skavabälen pojat - Kirjoittaja: Alina Imran - 27.02.2019

Expression is louder than words!
Let us first take a moment to appreciate the very noble Google Translate, that has played a
pivotal part in ‘Survival in Jyväskylä as a Foreigner 101’! We could sit here and dwell upon the
inconveniences that present themselves in the form of language or we can simply appreciate
the bliss of living in a culturally rich backdrop, that is yet to be influenced by external pressure.
One such cultural platform is the local theater scene in the city, with which I have encountered
a chance to further the belief that Art speaks a universal language!
With just a few days remaining till the premiere of the next production, Skavabölen pojat (The
boys of Skavaböle), the ambience within the Jyväskylän Huoneteatteri (The Theater Room)
exhibits a sense of calm, on a Thursday afternoon. With its rustic and somber interior, hidden
underneath one of the busiest localities in the city, the location adds to the theater’s ‘cult-like’
appeal. With absolutely zero background in Finnish Theater, I am welcomed by a familiar
language of the Art world; passion.
The new production, premiering on the 2 nd of March, is said to be a tragic comedy, directed by
Matti Tolvanen, which revolves around a brotherhood that experiences its fair share of turmoil
and growth. Without giving away much details of the plot, I am invited to experience the
performance first-hand, without subtitles of course! Lucky for me that language isn’t the only
mode of communication when it comes to theater, as I am eager to dive into the world of
performing arts and witness expression as a language!
Alina Imran